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Native aquatic plants benefit water bodies by providing invertebrate, fish and waterfowl habitat, improving water quality and increasing resilience to disturbances. Vegetation coverage should be maintained at 15-25 percent of the water body to allow for maximum fish growth rates and feeding efficiency. Plant growth types include submersed, emergent and floating leaved. Additional information about plant types and species can be found on the plant pages.


Your first onsite consultation is free within a 50 mile radius. After that a deposit will be required that can be used toward your plant purchase. Call to schedule a consultation.


Request a quote for plants, delivery, and/or planting. Ask about quantity discounts.


Plants can be delivered to you for an additional fee. Delivery can be scheduled for Monday, Thursday or Saturday.


Planting can be done by special request for an additional fee. Planting can be done on the edges of lakes and ponds. Plantings requiring boat access are not available at this time. 


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